Choose Your Wave

A unique documentary project, following the stories of people for whom surfing is the path that has changed their lives.

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The main story

Follows several person of czech surfing community, living in a different parts of the world (Indonesia, Europe, Sri Lanka).

These people have decided to change their lives and to subordinate it to what they love - surfing. They live their dream and dreams of many others, but is this lifestyle a sustainable one? What do they gain by living like this and what do they have to sacrifice on the contrary?

The side lines of the document will present pioneers of the Czech surfing and the phase of discovering of this sport in Czech republic.

The main idea

Surfing is for us - people from central Europe - quite unbeatable activity. In the same time it´s one of the most attractive lifestyle sport which is becoming more popular every day.

Basic idea of the movie is to present a few incredible stories of Czechs who have moved abroad so they can live their lives with a surfboard.

The document shows the immense complexity and beauty of surfing, associated with a very simple philosophy based on the classic values of life and unity with a nature.

You’ll see what surfing brought to the lives of these people and maybe even find out something new about yourself.

Main characters

Martin Černík

Martin Černík (CZE)

Lukáš Černý

Lukáš Černý (CZE)

Martina Černá

Martina Černá (CZE)

Matěj Černý

Matěj Černý (CZE)

Tomáš Deli

Tomáš Deli (CZE)

Otmar Oliva

Otmar Oliva (CZE)

Jan Smička

Jan Smička (CZE)

Tereza Olivová

Tereza Olivová (CZE)

Bára Jindrová

Bára Jindrová (CZE)

Bedříšek (CZE)

Milo Brzák

Milo Brzák (CZE)

Pavel Drastík

Pavel Drastík (CZE)

Calle Magnusson

Calle Magnusson (SWE)

Jan Klvaňa

Jan Klvaňa (CZE)

Lenka Sedlářová

Lenka Sedlářová (CZE)

Matyáš Menšík

Matyáš Menšík (CZE)

Oscar Rocca

Oscar Rocca (ESP)

Petr Hindrich

Petr Hindrich (CZE)

Benjemin Pilon (FRA)

Matteo Fioravanti (IT)

Serge Ben Soussan (FRA)

Troy Ferry (UK)


Together, we are going to surf in both the tropical paradise and the harsh and cold environment of the northern countries. You will see clean, untouched beaches as well as the ecological issue of today.


Currently the most requested travelling destination. However, do we know the beauty and the strength of Bali for surfers?

Bali is one of the main surfing destinations. It has perfect conditions throughout the year. In fact, it´s the second Hawaii.

What is Bali really like? Who fancies living here, who falling in love with it and is it really a paradise or does it also have some downsides?

Sri Lanka

In 2004, the island was hit by a tsunami. In May 2009, the civil war ended and the borders have been opened.

What is Sri Lanka like nowadays? What were the first impressions of the Czech pioneers? What has surfing brought to the island? How is the country developing and what has changed?

Sri Lanka possesses an immense value not only for surfers but also for those who focus on the healthy lifestyle and the purity of mind.

Spain and France

It can be said that, for us, the Central Europeans, these are the closest surfing destinations with the most stable conditions. Yet it´s not the Mediterranean but the Atlantic Ocean which attracts the surfers.

Who discovered the waves in France first? What are the differences between these two cultures?


A Northern country full of beautiful fjords. Harsh life. Coldness. Magnificent nature. Cold northern sea.

Is it even possible to surf in these places? How is the life here for the Czech? What fascinates them about the severe northern beaches, instead of gorgeous beaches at the Equator?

Premieres 2016

Under the leadership of AlternativeNOW and with the help of Fakehouse.cz the project is from the output point of view well taken care of. For AlternativeNOW, it's going to be another successful documentary. Where will you be able to see them, except for the television broadcast?

The document CHOOSE YOUR WAVE will be enrolled on and surely projected too at many Czech and international festivals. Let's name the most interesting ones: International documentary movies festival Jihalava, London Surf and Film Festival (UK), Santa Barbara International Film Festival (USA), Honolulu Surf Film Festival (USA) nebo Anglet France Surf Film Festival (FR).




Partners, sponsors and support

Crew members

Our team is filled by surf enthusiasts and experts in documentary movie making.

Martin Smékal


Stanislav Hruban


David Lorenz

David Lorenz


Ondřej Hájek


Jan Sluka


Jan Kasl

Jan Kasl


Lukáš Tvrdoň

Lukáš Tvrdoň

Sound design


Aid Kid


Andreas Våge

Andreas Våge


Also participated on this project:

Kateřina Pe

Kateřina Pe


Markéta Randáková

Markéta Randáková


Tomáš Galásek

Tomáš Galásek


Michal Straka

Michal Straka